Value-added Services

Create more value for your brands

SERVICE Value-added Services

Create more value for your brands

Gshopper provides multiple value-added services Gshopper provides multiple value-added services to our partners including foreign trade business, custom declaration, product distribution, legal consulting, digital advertising, and e-commerce business solution.

Foreign Trade and Custom Declaration

Introduction Gshopper is committed to build a global e-commerce and foreign trade platform, which holds several foreign trade enterprise and cooperative partners with qualifications of import and export. Gshopper has managed to set up subsidiaries in Korea and Japan, thus it's convenient for us to purchase merchandise and supply import and export services. Cooperating with Gshopper can bring you a preferential merchandise promotion and import and export value-added services which could help your merchandise to enter the Chinese or overseas market.

Taking China as an example

Product Distribution

Introduction Gshopper has the ability to provide platform and brand acquisition capability for global users.
Hongkong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and other major city as the foundation, through Tmall, HK Jingdong, NetEase such as koala platform and through the variety of global brands and businesses, a generation of fat, the next line stores, will promote more benefits.

Our Partners

Legal Consulting

Introduction Gshopper provides valuable and effective platform cooperation and legal protection for brands and enterprise which have entered the platform or set up a cooperative relationship with us. We help cooperative enterprise to set up company in mainland China, to apply registration of import merchandise; As for your overseas trademarks, we help you to register trademarks, apply protection, and to halt all trademark infringements. Gshopper conducts market research for you to provide reliable stable and effective legal affairs agency and lawsuit service with lower expenditure of time and money. Gshopper holds a powerful legal team in China, have the experience of solve legal disputes and protect intellectual property rights of brands, thus to help you to achieve maximum benefits. Come and cooperate with safe and trustworthy Gshopper.



Classification of Services Name of Service
Application of License To set up a new company or permanent office, including the following services:
- To prepare relevant legal documents
- To search the office place
- To submit documents to authority and to receive license
To apply for license for selling general food
(exclusive of special food and restaurant)
To add special food
License for Imported Merchandise and Registration of Merchandise To register or record health food
To register or record cosmetics
To register imported formula
To register medical device
To certificate or register or record other imported product
Application/Registration of Trademark To inquiry application
To apply trademark opposition
To file the trademark lawsuit
Protecting of Trademark/Anti Counterfeit To complaint and delete link of infringing product
To verify counterfeit and complaint
Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Right or Unfair Competition To file the lawsuit and represent client in the lawsuit

Digital Advertising

Introduction Internet advertisements have unparalleled advantages beyond conventional four media (newspaper, magazine, television and radio) and cherished billboard. Internet advertisements have larger audience, could exactly deliver to them more quickly, and could analysis business intelligence and data, thus make internet advertisement a better route for small and medium-sized enterprise to develop and grow. As for enterprise which widely carry out international business, Internet advertisement will provide powerful services.
Gshopper has been own a powerful team to promote internet advertisement, has built the SSP platform docked with main domestic and abroad platform such as Ad newwork, Ad Exchange and DSP. Gshopper's platform has docked with tens of thousands of advertisements resource, covered major industries and has built prediction model based on big data mining to predict advertising revenue, and to match most potential advertisement intelligently. Service

Name of service Details of service
Design of Chinese Brand Name in Chinese
Design of Logo
Story of Brand + PR
Design of Internet Advertisement Advertisement in static page
Advertisement in dynamic page
Video Advertisement
Setting of Time Slot and Position in Page
Promotion of Internet Advertisement Exhibition in Regular Page
Exhibition of Video Advertisement

E-Commerce Business Solution

Introduction To make strategic in "mobile internet +" era, Gshopper provides you overall solution to promote your products.