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Operation Supply Chain Operation Manager
(Recruitment in US, Australia, Netherlands, Germany.)
1.Responsible for formulating the company's local product purchasing strategy, purchasing plan and organizing the implementation according to the overall strategy of the company and the target of China market demand;
2.Communicated with local well-known brand suppliers, mainly purchasing local well-known health products, maternal and infant milk powder, etc., to complete the local export and delivery of goods. Work together with sales team to achieve sales goals;
3.Based on the operation of the platform, forecast market supply and demand and price trends, formulate forward-looking procurement planning and new product reserves, and carry out implementation;
4.To cooperate with the special requirements of the company and customer, to complete the overseas inquiry, procurement and logistics, etc.
5.Explore local potential well-known health care products, milk powder and cosmetics brand manufacturers and promote trade cooperation between Germany and China.

1.Bachelor degree or above, have local supply chain resources , familiar with international trade and e-commerce procurement operation process. More than 2 years relevant industry experience;
2.Proficient in purchasing principle and cost control, have excellent contract negotiation and signing ability, also good decision-making judgment ability and plan organization ability;
3.Have international vision and can conduct business negotiations directly with overseas customers; Be familiar with the electronic market movement
4.Working experience of trading company is preferred, and having the resources of maternal and infant milk powder are preferred

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